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Storytelling through photography by Eric Bucholtz



Lake Michigan shore beach boardwalk portraits

Kids & Family

Children's fall portraits outdoors

Love Stories

1940s WWII themed engagement shoot

Art Prints

Winter evening walk, River walk bridge, Mishawaka, indiana circa winter 2004-2005


Fall Color Light Leaks

Fall leaves with light leak color shift

A surprise find in a camera auction – a roll of film still in the camera! I was so delighted to try out a new camera format and opened the camera’s back without even a second thought. Luckily…

Light Leak Pet Portraits on Black and White Film

Pet Portrait on Tri-X black and white film -

Film photography can have many surprise discoveries. If the suspense of waiting to see the images you shot developed and printed wasn’t enough, there are often many unexpected results when shooting odd cameras and developing film at home. The last batch of black and white negatives I posted were overlapping frames made in a toy …

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