Best Superbowl EVER

There was a football game today? I heard either the last minutes or the highlights reel while I walked to the nurse’s station and remembered it was both Sunday and the day of the big game. I saw a few friends had posted bulletins about the game but I didn’t mind missing it. It was a busy week and we have the best reason to ignore TV – Adrian awake and looking around.

Adrian spent the whole day with us. He slept (or pretended to sleep, daddy’s special talent) during most of the family and friends visiting and woke up ready to eat and wiggle after everyone left. With his big bright eyes looking around who needed TV?

My baby loves being snuggled and is as healthy as he is adorable.

When he looks up into my eyes… everything stops. I have no words for the pride, awe, joy and love he stirs in my heart.

 Baby Adrian Snuggling Mom

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  1. Seems like yesterday Jess and Josh were looking up at me with those bright eyes.. so sweet so adorable.. I remember that feeling as if you’re heart would explode from all the love that it feels… I know you are soaking in every moment and celebrating this special time in your lives. Eric, the way you express yourself.. I can feel the love you have for Sarah and Adrien .. how blessed you all are to have each other! Hugs! Kathy

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