Jess Strantz at Borders

I have some pretty amazing friends. Some carry cameras, some carry paper and pen, some carry vinyl, others carry instruments, all carry their own art forms in some way. It’s an expressive collection of companions I keep.

Last weekend I caught up with one such creative pal, Jess Strantz. She played some acoustic and a handful of piano songs of hers over at Borders Bookstore in Mishawaka. Such a refreshing sound, lively, chill, excellent all around. As usual I brought a camera along to snap some photos off the clock. It helps me keep sharp shooting in available light and I got to snap with the 85mm f1.8 lens, a new favorite! Even though I was just shooting for low light practice and for my own use at a similar gathering years back, I actually met some very cool musicians and ended up shooting weddings for 3 of the bandmates after snapping some available light photos of their set and sharing the shots afterward.

Jess Strantz at Borders Bookstore

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