Lightroom 2 BETA, no April joke

Gotcha. One of my new favorite photo reads, the Strobist, had me pondering overclocking a speedlight (flash) – which I tried once before realizing I was still awake really late and it was now the first of April. Dohf!

Similarly tonight / this morning I got wind that Adobe has released Lightroom 2 in beta. I checked the date, then clicked over to see what was cooking. No April 2nd jokes here!

Adobe Lightroom 2.0 BETA announced!

Certainly worth a try! I started using LR in beta when it was first available, and even while the beta bugs were being worked out I really liked the setup. We picked up a full version as soon as it was ready and have been running with it ever since. Lots of goodies but it’s best to pick them off the Lightroom site itself – so check it out!

Geeking out.

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