Finally some outdoor exercise!

Man I’ve been waiting for spring for ages. With lots of office work to do and one adorable baby Adrian to help take care of at home, it’s been tough to get out to walk around on the few nice days we had up till now.

So today I walked a good 3 miles round trip toward town to Staples to drop some eBay sales off for shipping. It felt great to trek some sidewalk and get some fresh spring air too.

Within an hour of my return from the stroll Justin came over with chocolate cake and caramel swirl ice cream to totally negate the exercise I just finished. Luckily I took a BEFORE photo in case there was a run in with chocolate this weekend.

Get out there and get some air, you’ll love it!

Skinny Eric, 150lbs!

35 pounds off and WITHOUT SUBWAY! Take that, Jared.

(Oh, and this photo has the chin… walnut thing – what is that called? – that Adrian acquired. Any guesses from when this was taken?)

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