Half an hour after our last of 3 shoots…

Double rainbow camera phone style

Double rainbow, contrasty sky, dramatic low sunlight beaming under a dark storm front. So what do I do? Send out the Nokia “camera” phone after 3 days on the Notre Dame campus with over 3,000 snaps from 3 Nikon digital SLRs and 7 fine lenses. No DSLR in reach, just a “camera phone” from the Starbucks patio. Such a snapshot suckerpunch. 🙂

In spite of the brilliant sky and no respectable camera in reach, it was a good time running into old friends and having coffee with another Eric. Thanks man. Good end to an awesome weekend.

More from the 3000 weekend photos NOT taken with the camera phone to come soon! We spent the weekend with some seriously awesome newlyweds and soonlyweds. Thanks Kim & Scott, Jaclyn & Tim!

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