Love, sweat and tears

Love, sweat, and tears – these were the three main elements of this weekend’s wedding photography.

“The greatest of these,” to quote Saint Paul, “is love.”

Friday I joined Matt of Zeta-Alpha Studios (now Matthew Whitlock Photography) for one of the most joyfully tearful celebrations I’ve seen as Lauren and Joel celebrated their wedding at Saint Patrick’s Church here in South Bend. Before the ceremony I noticed all the little packages of tissues at both ends of every pew. Seven priests from neighboring churches and a completely full church joined the couple for a very warm Friday afternoon mass.

Joel and Lauren - joy through tears

Joel and Lauren - joy through tears

Joel and Lauren - joy through tears


Saturday I met Amanda and Justin for a walk down memory lane at Morris Farms in Niles.

The day was seamless and just flowed from one great moment to the next. I had a blast getting to hang out with Amanda and Justin at the engagement session, and knew the wedding day would be a continuation of the great time seeing them smile.

Justin and the guys get ready

Amanda gets ready

Amanda and her parents greet Justin at the altar

Amanda and Justin meeting at the front of the old meeting house. The white walls and benches scattered the afternoon sunlight beautifully and the wooden room had an excellent resonance for the harp accompanying the ceremony.

Amanda and Justin at the altar

Justin and Amanda with the vintage Caddilac

Newlyweds and the classic black Cadillac that surprised them after the ceremony!

Justin and Amanda share a kiss before heading to the reception

River RAINBOW! Last weekend I was without camera when I saw a bright double rainbow, but this rainbow couldn’t have been better aligned to be photographed. It appeared over the river right behind the newlyweds at the head table!

A wedding day rainbow at the reception

Congrats again, Newlyweds!

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