Wake up and dream

Finally! Going to bed early (read: around midnight) feels like rest when I woke up about five hours later. I woke up to hear Adrian making his “I’m stuck again” fuss sounds from the other room. Knowing how much I toss and turn in my sleep, and how eager he is to get crawling, I figured he had rolled or crawled into a corner. He had an arm sticking through the rails and wasn’t all the way awake to roll the other direction away from the rails. Secretly I think he was and just wanted a daddy hug.He got his hug and some mommy cuddles with his breakfast in bed.

While checking messages as the coffee brewed I read my friend Jon’s post that fit today’s early start perfectly. Creative work in spurts. I think it’s a similar reason why if I get up before sunrise I can’t seem to go back to sleep. Last month we had two weekends of late Friday shoots and early Saturday morning salon starts, and I woke up energized both Saturdays. Energized while not getting much sleep and still waking up early. Creative adrenaline.

So now that you’re up, what gets you going with creativity? What wakes you up and you can’t wait to start doing, thinking, reading?

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