Drobo arigato, data roboto

Last week we added some robotics to the office to back up thousands of photographs while we aren’t looking / are working / taking care of Adrian. After a long debate I decided to try the Drobo, a “data storage robot.”

2008 Review Ramble below. 

Currently it’s doing it’s robot work with 2 500gb Western Digital SATA hard drives, and is about 70% full. One of the hugely beneficial things of the Drobo system is that when I need more room I just add another drive and the Drobo will figure out the backup scheme. While the Drobo is a more pricey backup than say, buying a pair of external drives, the ability to seamlessly add more storage and have all files appear as a single “drive” on the desktop means finding them is simple stuff.

How simple? Add drives, plug it in and drop stuff into the drive. It does what I really lack the concentration or reminders to do by duplicating all the files so that I have an instant backup.

Drobo data at risk

Zorks! 5 hours to dupe 300gb? I don’t remember how long it took to clone the info but I could use the info while it was being duplicated so it wasn’t down time. This was the initial robitics at work when I started with one drive and added the second. When running with two drives the clone work is done while you copy / move / save files and there’s no “yellow alert” warning as pictured above. Otherwise It looks like and works like any other external drive.

Drobo data safe

By the time I weighed options and crunched numbers and prepared to order, there’s a NEW Firewire800 version out that dropped the price on the USB version I wanted. Unexpected cash savings.

That is neat. [drobo.com]

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