Playing in Traffic

A while back when we began planning Stacie and Bryan’s autumn wedding photography she ran a couple of interesting ideas past us for her engagement session. Outside, downtown, dusk, and street light.

We headed downtown and shot as the sun began to set. Then the magic light showed up, a great glow *after* the sun is gone, and some cool clouds stuck around knowing how much fun it would be to join us.

Stacie and Bryan downtown at dusk

Thanks for humoring us while we walked in traffic, gave cars at the corners a photo shoot to watch, and had a great time from start to finish!

Stacie and Bryan in the road

Lastly… one of my favorite shots from the dusk setting. While there wasn’t a whole lot of traffic after dark ther ewere still crazy (Michigan) drivers roaring around the corner that we had to watch for before dashing into the street, shoot, and run to the sidewalk.


Game on!

Thanks again Stacie & Bryan! – Loads more photos to come this week!

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