Tuesday thoughts v.1

I meant to start this theme sooner so I could keep a more frequent writing schedule. Mondays are generally a little busy so Tuesday it is. Just freestyling.

Procrastinators, the leaders of tomorrow. 😀

There’s nothing more peaceful than having your baby fall asleep in your arms. I woke up wide awake around 7:30am and Adrian was wiggling his feet around under the sheets next to his sleepy Mama. I walked around with him on my shoulder a while and rocked him back to sleep. He just amazes me.

It’s funny how right after we had a bunch of surprise print order sales that LIGHTROOM v2 is released. I instinctively downloaded the 30 day trial knowing full well I will upgrade. The nerd news blogs are all aglow of Adobe’s latest shiny product. (Hey my blog too now!)

I think I will start a Lightroom theme as well, share useful stuff I’ve found or figured out by happy accident. I guess I should see how the Tuesday Thoughts ramble works first, one inspiration at a time.

I’ve already decided I’m walking to the Post Office again today. It’s about a mile away, I get to walk through the neighborhood where I grew up and had a paper route, and I get exercise. The post office has some funky rounded cube lights outside, so I should obvoiusly take a camera along.

Downloads are done! Lightroom 2 here I come!

My dad loves auto racing. He’s pretty redneck about NASCAR, has a small souvenir shop’s worth of paraphernalia from his favorite drivers. He went with to the Brickyard in Indy with my point & shoot. Maybe the Holga still has fresh film. *ha* (I shoot expired film with it)

I ran across a way to make my own Shrinky Dink oven full of plastic trash art from the 80s! I didn’t eat paint chips as a kid but I watched plastic melt in the oven. It didn’t even occur to me this might not be great to breathe. Ignorance is such bliss. *cough*

I had a tasty frozen Shamrocker coffee / chocolate / mint drink at Ugly Mugs last weekend while seeing a room full of faces I’ve not seen in ages. The drink used frozen coffee cubes from an ice tray – brilliant! – so I made some of my own to try today. I had extra ice cube spots open after I ran out of (chilled) coffee to freeze so I put skim milk in there. Have you ever seen how not-tasty skim milk looks frozen?

On that tasty note I’m off to find some breakfast before my postal excursion.

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