Tuesday Thoughts v3

Drat, it’s 12:01am Wednesday, but my intentions only see it’s Tuesday.

Olympics… when have I ever cheered for people in spandex more? Honestly, the 1996 Olympics were probably the most memorable for me. They were on our home turf in Atlanta, my sisters and I talked about the stellar women’s gymnastics team by first names, and didn’t we send the Dream Team of NBA stars to play basketball that year? I honestly can’t say I remember seeing much if any from the other 2 Olympic games since Atlanta. I can’t even remember where else they were besides Sydney.

Wow, I just proved my obliviousness to the 2004 Games – they were in, of all places, Athens. Doh! Guess I didn’t drink any Coke that summer. Wikipedia for the win.

To make the Olympics even more fun I stayed up late providing my own MST3K style commentary.

– – – – –

I’ve been meaning to write all day. I’ve had orders, meetings, albums, and life slowing me from it. I’m doing better with a Tuesday Thoughts thread than fixing my old bike, doing push-ups, or getting more sleep, so I’ll count it a success.

– – – – –

It’s been rather chill this week for mid-August, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of open window non-muggy fresh air to be had. School’s almost back in session and soon it’s football season, a magical time when South Bend is Blue, Gold, and Irish all over. My dad is about the biggest Fighting Irish football fan of all. He’s also just about the biggest kid of all, and jumps on the people in front of him at games when there are great plays. We screamed ourselves hoarse yelling at the USC game in 2005.

Dad and Eric at ND vs USC 2005

I got to hear the ND Drumline play at a June wedding … I never wanted it to be September / October more. I love fall.

– – – – –

There are some noisy crickets outside. Except it’s not the high pitched chirping. I have no idea what that sound is. We have herds of squirrels and chipmunks around our deck, shed and yard at all times. Bunnies, birds and the occasional wild (running wild) dog.

– – – – –

Our water heater gets hot and sounds like a washing machine full of gravel. I’m debating flushing it, which I’ve read is relatively simple. Drain hot water into the yard, don’t get house wet, refill tank – sounds easy enough. I already know I’m going to be working on hanging some shelves, decorations, and finishing a pretty slick under-desk pegboard organizer mod for the office. After that it’s album designs ahoy!

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