Tuesday Thoughts 4

Yesterday I officially became “Uncle Snapshot” while out at Lake Michigan for my niece Brandi’s senior portraits. That’s right, the uncle that brings way too much camera gear to family gatherings, and, on occasion, gets in the way of hired photographers. (Fortunately I barely go to 1 or 2 weddings a year as a guest so I try and stay out of the way.) But as much as I dreaded realizing I earned the title “Uncle Snapshot” Brandi reminded me that at least I photograph professionally and don’t tend to put fingers over lenses or leave lens caps on or many other pitfalls of an overzealous camera wielding relative. 🙂

Growing up it was Grandpa Bob that was the family shutterbug. Grandma Joyce, his wife, made scrapbooks of photos for all the grand kids for their 13th birthday, a history book of photos and Grandma’s poems from each child’s birth to teenage years. Hard to believe it’s almost been 10 years since they both passed away. Now that I think about it I would love to share the photos, writing, travels and my little family with them. No wonder we, as sentimental people, enjoy photographs to remember those amazing people and moments in our lives.

It’s a sentimental day all around. Wow.
Don’t forget to hug someone you love.

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