Tuesday Thoughts v6

Seven months ago it was really snowy, cold, and one of the most amazing days of my life. My son Adrian turned seven months old this morning at 2:04am. February 2nd seems years ago already now that he’s crawling, sitting up, and trying to be a lot more grown up than he is. 🙂

I love rocking my son to sleep. As he sighs contently and drifts to sleep all the stress, worries, work of the day melts right off of me as an incredible peace and safety replaces it. I could have a rotten day and when I see him smile and giggle it doesn’t matter what happened, it’s a good day because he’s happy. It’s hard to put into words, but I have been immensely blessed over the last seven months of holding, cuddling, feeding, changing, and loving my son face to face.

– – – – –

In photo news there’s a lot more goodies coming this week as we prepare for Art Beat. There’s a secret shoot happening tonight that I won’t post photos from till Thursday night after the fest is over. I will, however, have prints from it on display at the fest. Up till the actual day I won’t know where in the fest we’ll be on display till we arrive and are assigned a spot but will find a way to announce it once I know.

– – – – –

NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL SEASON BEGINS this weekend! There’s something about hearing the band march through campus, fans yelling, and the hope of a new (cough, winning) season. 🙂

– – – – –

I absolutely love fall.

COLORFUL landscapes, crunching leaves, warm clothes, bonfires, cold evenings, crisp mornings, pumpkin pie, grilled or baked squash, hiking, chili, apples, farmer’s market, wood stove smoke at night.

I love to experience the change of seasons.

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