Congrats Melanie and Mark!

Saturday was a downpour in South Bend. Leftovers from recent hurricanes have kept everything soggy around here for the past 2 days. Good thing we headed south to Culver to celebrate Melanie and Mark’s wedding day!

While getting ready in Argos you would have never guessed that it had been raining for the past 2 days. It was partly cloudy and the sun kept peeking out to remind us Summer’s not over just yet! There were great beams of sunshine in the Culver Academy Chapel for the wedding ceremony and not a drop of rain till late in the evening when we packed up to head home.

Plus… these two newlyweds couldn’t stop smiling. 😀

Congrats Melanie and Mark Dean

Click the photo above or CLICK HERE to see the Instant Album Slideshow from the reception celebration! You can also sign up for a reminder so you’ll know when all the wedding day potos are ready.

Enjoy! (And if you’re around South Bend, good luck staying dry.)

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