Tuesday Thoughts v9

Cubs win! Got to see the last few innings of the Cubs vs Mets game last night, heard they’re not far from playoffs.Didn’t get to see Notre Dame last weekend, heard they bit it though. Caught the last 3 minutes of the Colts game to see them get a touchdown on the Jags and… lose by a field goal kick with 4 seconds to go. Phooey.

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(12:05pm) Adrian is all over the place. This morning’s been crawling playtime while Milo & Otis explored the countryside. Anyone seen that movie? Farmyards with hedgehogs, crabs, bears, cats flying off of cliffs, Pugs rescued from the sea by a giant tortoise, kittens and puppies being birthed… British kids shows, man. Amazing.

– – – – –

(6:25pm) Didn’t get to finish this post as quickly as I had planned. Had a great time around Notre Dame campus for Kelly’s Senior Session. (Photos and gallery to come, hold on there!) Packed gear in the car and discovered that the gas gauge being near the E was safe to just call it empty. Walked to the gas station after already lugging camera gear for 2 1/2 hours around campus and friends saw me trucking along and gave me a ride back. God bless us, everyone.Man I’m tired out now that I’m home.

– – – – –

FRIDAY at the STATE THEATER – The Underground Cafe is bringing the Superchick “Rock What You Got” tour to the historic theater stage. While the cafe crew and I won’t be running the show we will help set it up and still need NINE volunteers to help unload the semis and set the gear up on stage. News to know – a full tour means heavy stuff has wheels but you should still expect a good workout. If you can help drop me a comment or a call 574-217-4915.

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It’s the first full day of fall, so the noon news’ weatherperson told me… and it’s 81˚ – awesome for a summertime Senior Session regardless of the autumnal date.

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