Tuesday Thoughts v10!

10 Weeks and Counting – I deserve a Pizza Trophy. 😛

Fall is beautiful. This morning had a misty, golden sunrise and a crisp 58˚ while the morning news was on and coffee was brewing. It finally looked and felt like fall, and about time!

– – – – –

Today’s my friends John and Erin’s 2nd anniversary. Seems like just yesterday, guys! Theirs was the one wedding I actually attended and not worked to photograph in 2006, but I couldn’t help but bring a camera. I had to hurry home and pack and leave for an out of state wedding job of my own, but I got this favorite laugh photo before our exit.

Congrats again, newlyweds!

Erin and John\'s Wedding Day

– – – – –

Where has the time gone? It’s OCTOBER tomorrow! We’ve almost finished off our first gallon of apple cider to ring in the new season.

– – – – –

Today I’m playing Bucholtz Family tech support from the kitchen while Adrian naps. My sis could neither find the file she thought she saved on my parents’ computer or explain what she was trying to do so she’s coming over to type it again. She said she saved it on a disk but… I can’t even name the last Mac that came with a floppy disk drive. (Even the G4 towers we used in 2003 only had zip drives!) I told her to email me the file or, if that wouldn’t work, to copy & paste the text but… something wasn’t working correctly.

Sounds like Adrian’s awake anyway, good timing.

– – – – –

I’m just about back to normal after last weekend’s TWO concerts gave me an exercise beat down. Friday at the State Theater was a great time working with the Underground Cafe’s finest, including a visit from our out-of-town graphic design student / master lighting designer DJ, Phil. Seems like years since the last time we hung out man. Got to see him twice this last weekend. Mark, JP, Judah, Alex, Dio, Ezra and the gang… man it was lot of work for those shows, man it was great laughing with you guys.

– – – – –

Lastly, just got the snail mail and… a giant spider was waiting on my cell phone statement. We don’t have dogs to chase the carriers, only arachnids. You were warned.

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