Tuesday Thoughts v13 Wednesday

One seriously amazing and busy weekend out of state and BAM, I’m way past out of sync. I’m working on getting back to calls and emails as well as being awake during daylight hours let alone updating the blog!

On the way home from our shoots in Grand Rapids I came across Christmas music on the radio. Seriously… it was October 19th, not even Halloween yet. Our GPS was out, too, so maybe we passed through some kind of time-warp-wormhole and were suddenly on the LOST island in a different space and time. Weird as it was the songs were the perfect medley to wake me up on the drive home. I’m listening to¬† Over the Rhine’s Snow Angels Christmas album right now, it’s been running through my head all day.

Fall is amazing. Golden light all afternoon has me feeling like the CSI Miami filter is stuck over Indiana. (Seriously, watch the show and see what I mean. There’s always golden yellow sun at a low, dramatic angle.) It got cold fast on tonight’s shoot but that didn’t stop the fun throwing leaves around on the Notre Dame campus. (More from Jill & Brad’s engagement to come!)

– – – – –

Over the weekend or sometime this week Adrian cut more 4 teeth. I couldn’t believe it when I saw he now has 4 bottom and 4 top teeth. Everyone tells new parents that kids grow fast, and suddenly seeing our son’s new teeth proved it to me again!

– – – – –

Loads of awesome shoots in the last week as well as plenty to come in the next week.

– – – – –

I have a pretty good memory with dates, birthdays, anniversaries and special days. Today’s a momentous day among our friends. Two of my friends since high school and earlier both got married this day 3 years ago. Congrats Katie & Nathan, Leslie and Brad! We were able to see Leslie and Brad’s wedding before heading out to photograph Maria & Greg’s wedding. Congrats all you 3-year couples! Last year I joined Renee and Chris for a fantastic fall wedding in Michigan – congrats on the fist year, Newlyweds!

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