Tuesday Thoughts v14.5

Wednesday again. Tuesdays escape me now too!

Daylight savings time really messed with my brain. Sunset happening at 5:30pm all of a sudden really threw me for a loop. Personally I would rather enjoy a longer day than an earlier morning, I’m sure it says something about my personality, priorities, and preferences.

– – – –

ELECTION DAY. Wow, pretty monumental day. I have to admit I went to the polls very undecided and filled in the president choice last. It probably says something when you vote for a county coroner (they’re elected?!) before choosing the persons you would want to run your country. I didn’t agree with a good handful of major issues from the Democratic party and honestly, couldn’t take the Republicans seriously. I know there are more than 2 choices on the ballot but let’s be real… TV has everyone’s brains baked to think there are just 2 choices. I really enjoyed all the parodies of the GOP candidates and have got to share this favorite campaign poster:

King of the Hill? You betcha.

President-elect Obama clearly cleaned up the votes, and I think we could hear the celebration in Chicago Tuesday night. Pretty wild to imagine it started just down the road from us Indiana folks.

– – – –

Adrian’s 9 months, crawling even faster, working on some words, and showing lots of personality. Ornery personality! Adorable too, of course, as he gets into everything within reach.

– – – –

This Saturday’s the big day for Nicole & Scott, wrapping up an amazing year of wedding celebrations with our awesome couples. We’ve been immensely blessed to work for and work with such fun clients. The album design wheels are spinning and we’re cooking up a batch of beautiful books!

Also it’s been pretty crazy busy – the good kind – around here. Note the “Tuesday” post on Friday…

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