First Christmas

If you keep an eye on my FaceBook page, the biz FaceBook page or our business’ Myspace page you’ve already seen these favorite photos from Christmas Day. (Feel free to add us!)

Here’s a handful of favorites from our family’s first Christmas with Adrian. He loved playing with the boxes and paper more than most of the things that were inside the gifts. Who said joy has to be anything complicated, expensive, or obligated? This kid has it down plain and simple.

Christmas joy from a baby boy

Adrian and Eric decked out for Christmas
Adrian and Daddy decked out for Christmas
I've been good... mostly
I’ve been good… mostly
Adrian's first Christmas ornament
Adrian’s first Christmas Ornament

One of the coolest ideas for a first Christmas ornament I’ve ever seen. My sis Genna knew a painter at the local Farmer’s Market and used a photo my mom took from a phone and made the coolest baby ornament I’ve seen!

I posted the original photo in the Deedle Beetle post last month, and have to say I much prefer the sledding version for the ornament. 😀

Happy New Year this week!