Early 4th

Happy Fourth of July, Independence Day!

I have found the paradox of alarm clocks and children. Only took me 17 months to put it in writing.

In order to wake up early, set a late alarm and baby will wake you up before it goes off. However, if you need to get up early, baby will probably sleep in late, and you might forget to set an alarm since you’re becoming accustomed to baby’s early snack and change routine. Oops.

I’m not a morning person, but if I am awake earlier than I plan and know I’m not going to fall back asleep, there’s some motivation to get started. Decided to make the best of it, scrambled some eggs and gave my cold brewed iced coffee a shot instead of the dripper brew. (Planned ahead on that one. Awesome idea if you have kids, like coffee, and lack patience for your caffeine fix. Oops.)

Threw on a listen to the Paper Route – they’re hitting the Underground Cafe stage July 20th. Can’t wait. (Check out the event page HERE)

Happy 4th! Stay safe and enjoy the crackle-bang-boom fireworks fun!

If you like coffee why not try

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