Jill and Brad’s Outdoor Wedding at Orchard Hills

It’s always a treat to photograph weddings for siblings, cousins, coworkers and friends when you get to see familiar faces when you go “to work.” Jill and Brad’s wedding on Saturday was the continuation of a great celebration with Brad’s family when his sister Amanda married last June.

You know the bouquet and garter toss that you see at most receptions? At Amanda & Justin’s wedding last June Jill caught the bouquet and Brad caught the garter. Not kidding. They were already engaged and had a date picked, but come on, how cool is it to have your fiance and you both catch the “who’s getting married next” keepsakes? Sure enough, once the dance floor was jumping and we had a slideshow of that day’s wedding photos playing the couple asked if we had their date available this summer. Talk about a day of awesome luck, we were stoked to say YES! (Oh, and there was a rainbow out the window behind the head table where they sat with the newlyweds too. No joke!)

So just over a year later from that celebration and bouquet and garter catch, we joined Jill and Brad in the same country club where our first photographs of them began.

bride behind veil preparing for wedding day

With rain in the forecast I have to admit I was a little edgy about shooting an outdoor ceremony under open skies. (Rain gear was in the camera bag but what fun is that?) Not only was it cool and breezy – remarkably so for July – it had those Simpsons clouds dotted across the sky and not a drop of rain falling.

Bride enters outdoor country club wedding

Orchard Hills Country Club outdoor summer wedding couple

Orchard Hills Country Club outdoor July wedding ceremony

Lives and families united as bride, groom and son added layers to the unity sand vase.

Unity sand vase for family bride groom son

wedding ceremony untiy sand 3 layers family united

And there was infrared wedding photography, and it was good. I may have neared over-using this infrared converted camera, very easy to get carried away with an awesome couple and perfect trees, skies, weather, and inspiration for infrared. Jill and Brad couldn’t have picked a better day for an outdoor celebration!

Digital Infrared Wedding Photography

Orchard Hills country club_infrared wedding photography

Orchard Hills country club wedding recessional

Orchard Hills country club wedding ringbearer

Country Club outdoor wedding bride and flowergirls


Bride and Groom under veil

Jill’s words after this photo summed it up best – “It fits perfectly – my head on your shoulder.”

Bride and Groom at country club

After sunset we found one of their favorite spots amidst Orchard Hills Country Club’s fairways. Literally the perfect ending to the perfect day.

Newlyweds beneath the Willow

Congrats Jill & Brad! Enjoy your honeymoon getaway to Mexico and a sneak peek at your wedding day photos!


Wedding & Reception: Orchard Hills Country Club

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