Impromptu Portraits – Genna

Started something new last week – shooting without a schedule, kind of like I used to back when. See how many frames of 35mm were left in the Minolta X-370 and go snap a few for fun. Just grab a camera, ditch the plan, go shoot and see what happens. It worked like magic at the Underground Cafe and had friends collaborating and cracking up in no time. Today was a great day to be outdoors and after number crunches and office work I was ready to get outside before sunset with a camera and start snapping.

I asked a few friends who complained they were bored to join me to no avail, and before anyone else had a chance to reply to my request to go shoot my sis Genna had picked an outfit, styled up her hair, and was ready to go. (Being a stylist probably helps to know some shortcuts!)

I stopped by an old garage I’d seen countless times from the road and always meant to stop and shoot there. Perfect for spontaneity.

Genna's impromptu shoot

Looked around and found a nearby gravel driveway and gate.

Genna's impromptu shoot - gate

Genna's impromptu shoot - country road

And of course, I had to ask “You think you can jump in those shoes?” Always be ready for the answer. 😀

Genna's impromptu shoot - she flies!

(Think MadTV’s Stuart saying “Look what I can do!”)

I’ve gotta do this more often.

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