Perseids Meteor Shower

Last week was a good week for staying up late. The Perseids meteor shower was in full swing overnight, and I enjoyed a needed break from computer screens of editing and paperwork. Packed up some camera gear and headed out into the corn fields to find a nice quiet spot to shoot.

Turns out 7′ high walls of corn on a dim dirt road are kinda creepy when you start hearing rustling in the moonlight. I had my tripod’s spiked feet fully deployed and the trusty 3 D cell Maglite ready to swing at any critter or corn coming my way. After a blanket of fog swept across the fields and a truck came barreling down the washboard dirt road at 4am I decided to move. Enough of the jitters for one early morning.

The next spot I landed was home for a few hours as I worked on improvising a shutter release from binder clips, pennies, and tape before my only battery for the color DSLR body I brought died. It hadn’t occurred to me to bring any of the other 7 batteries or the AA packs. Packing a camera bag at 3am isn’t recommended for this exact reason. Before the battery was drained I managed a few photos I liked, tinkering with exposures from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

Perseids meteor shower northern Indiana

No meteor trails, but lots of stars out that morning.

I also had my Infrared-converted Nikon D70s in the bag, and knew I wasn’t going home just because one battery was toast. Nikon seriously needs to bring back the battery life of the D70/D70s series cameras. I could shoot a whole wedding day, or about 1,000 photos with that one battery in the camera. I don’t remember when I last charged it but I was hoping it was enough to shoot till sunrise.

Plus, I always wondered what infrared photography in moonlight would look like. So I got to shooting again, and WOW.

Perseids meteor shower northern Indiana

Gave this one a cool tone after converting to black and white. Tons more photos to sort through, tons more work waiting in the meantime. 🙂 Enjoy!

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