The system is/was down

404 homestar'd

Thank you, AT&T DSL service and GoDaddy web hosting for your unpredicted reminder to back up everything powered by your companies’ web services. Seems there was some web router problem that blocked a large percentage of AT&T DSL customers from viewing our site for a good portion of Tuesday. (How specific, right?) What it meant on my side of things was just bad email and trouble checking our orders on the proof gallery. For an hour or so after I noticed things weren’t working as expected in the online world I dug up backups of our website, the blog, proofing, and emails only to be reminded more recent copies would serve me better if things really were awry.

Things seem to be back to normal after a good reminder to keep current backups!

To celebrate being visible again, see my favorite version of the system being down to a techno beat as sung by StrongBad.

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