Madeline 1 week old

I’m convinced there’s nothing more peaceful than a sleeping baby. Madeline was busy reinforcing this conviction with all her newborn naps this past week. After Thanksgiving flew by it just occurred to me that today marks her first week out here with her family. I grabbed the camera with the loudest shutter I could find (and if it weren’t the D700 I’d probably ditch it) and snapped a few photos of the peaceful Princess in pink.


I love the way she squishes up her lips and little cheeks 😀


It might be because Adrian hasn’t been this small in 22 months, but I think she has some cute tiny fingers and toes! Here she showed me a fits full of knuckles reminding me to let her sleep or there’d be trouble.


We love our little Madeline Suzanne! Big brother Adrian is getting a little more adjusted to having her in the house, walks up and points to her facial features saying each part he’s learned – nose, eyes, teeth, hair, ears, chin. He doesn’t call her “sister” or “Madeline” yet but he does walk up to see “baby” when they’re in the same room.

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too! – Eric, Adrian and Madeline

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