Michelle & Nathaniel – Wedding Day Haikus

Michelle and Nat got
married, we celebrated.
Check out the photos

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Flower girl walking To announce the bride is near. Petals pave a path.
Dad and his Daughter Waiting just outside the doors Till the time is right.
Dad knows it is time To meet him at the altar. Mr FitzGerald.
She is ready to Do what she has planned today – Marry her beloved.
Who gives this woman To be married to this man? Her mother and I. A wedding haiku! I have heard it all these years, How did I miss it!?!?
What a lovely pair. Never once seen unhappy, They smiled all day.
Who can get enough Of these two classy love birds By these big windows?


I am but a bug With a super wide fish eye Shooting from the floor


If you sat back here You were very late or crashed. Ooh look, more stained glass.


Color abounding In windows, even the lights. Blue in abundance.
Dark wood arches crown Arched mosaics, red below Beaming newlyweds.
They could have married Anywhere they had wanted; All you need is love.
An honor, I’m sure, To share their ceremony. Granddad married them.
I cannot stay put so I went to photograph From the balcony
After Grandpa prayed And they shared first communion, It was time for vows
Nathaniel do you Take Michelle to be… “I DO!” What an eager groom.
Exchanging symbols Of commitment to marriage, Rings of unity.
Two people today Joining in matrimony. Soon they will be one.
Joining hands and hearts. The couple was so sweet it Kinda makes you cry.
After much patience The newlyweds are announced – You may kiss your bride!
We don’t have to stand Around on stage any more, Make a run for it!
Running backwards fast With camera gear is tricky – Hip shot completely.
Nothing quite as cute As bride and groom all alone Kissing by a quilt.
Oh no, the bubbles! Let’s make a run for the car! Who wants to be soaped!?
Rain in the forecast, Not a drop to interfere With this happy day!
Princess and Pirate? I can totally see it. These guys cracked me up.
No bubbles are fast Enough to catch them both now Making an escape!
Chocolate! Delish! Friends, food and festivities. Great combination.
Chopping chocolate cake. No need to fight with food when It looks so tasty.
Owl cake toppers. Fun details to photograph Around every turn.
Toast the newlyweds! I forgot what all he said. Cheers, Michelle and Nat!
Dance in the spotlight, We celebrate your big day As husband and wife!
Nah this song won’t do, So let’s switch it up a bit Time to bust a move.
Michelle makes a move, Better clear out the dance floor. Oh snap, it’s on now!
Father and Daughter Sharing a special moment Dancing all around.
“Candles in the Breeze” Sounds like a knock-off title. Take that, Elton John!
Pictures in a booth With a cardboard cutout pair. What an offbeat twist.


— Update – summer 2014 —

I have killed haikus
With one overloaded post.
Time to give it up.

If this make you grin
Have me tell your story too.
Hire me to shoot!

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  1. God bless you guys. Had a blast. Keep your eyes on Jesus—remember he is coming soon. Are you ready? Be Blessed. Ruthie.

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