Collaboration – Behind the Scenes

At the end of March I packed up an SUV worth of lighting and photo gear and headed to Fort Wayne to join a friend and visual artist cohort for a day of throwing around ideas for a poster concept he’d been working on for his employers.

Back during his 5-ish years as the Underground Cafe’s resident DJ and lighting designer, Phil came up with some pretty slick shows mixing music between bands and lighting up the stage when they played. He left town to study graphic design and the concerts sorely missed his mixing and lighting skills ever since. (Trust me, I’ve filled in both areas and it’s not the same whatsoever. I am a tech geek that keeps things running smoothly, not a crowd-rocker.)

If you’re following us on Facebook I posted a behind the scenes video there last month for a little preview of the shoot – here it is again to enjoy before the final poster design is shown – enjoy!

Part 2 coming later today!

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