Everybody look at the moon!

Half moon August night 2010

Nice clear August night sky for checking out the moon! The tomato plants have certainly helped find photo inspiration this week. Rather, walking out back to check on them and water them has crossed my paths with a few ideas. Spider at sunrise the other morning and a good glimpse at the moon tonight.

I got my tripod, camera and a telephoto lens and shot a guesstimated, underexposed frame as a reference point. Turns out it was one of the favorites right away. I made a nice tight crop, not too many pixels needed for the web version. I’d love to add a teleconverter and a longer lens for my next round of shooting the moon, but enjoyed snapping something for kicks before putting the kids in bed.

Geek specs: Nikon D300 body, Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 AF-S VR telephoto lens, exposed at ISO 100, 1/60th sec @ f/4. Crop in Lightroom.

Keep looking up, Stargazers!

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