Behind the Scenes with Overdun Productions

Disclaimer: geeky production stuff ahead.

Catching up from a busy October, a few weekends back was packed full of all kinds of production work, new to the mix of production I enjoy: professional video production. I’ve always liked video production, but a setup of this caliber is above the old camcorder and VCR work I did back in the 90s. One Christmas break back in elementary school I may have set up a news desk set and even a little home made lighting gear, and turned an extending painting pole into a mic boom… no tech like low tech. Later in high school put together a promotional piece with *actual* television editing staff and equipment, and was definitely hooked on tinkering with video gear. About the same time I picked up my first 35mm SLR camera and got into live audio, a bit of my own personal geeky production Renaissance.

On to the high tech big boys’ toys with Overdun Productions. Grip trucks, dollies, Steadicam, and a slick camera to drool over, the RED HD camera. Here’s some behind the scenes photos to check out.

Overdun Production behind the scenes RED dolly shot
Kyle and crew on dolly shot at sunrise
Video production makeup artist on location
Makeup artist Peg Jaworski touching up between shots
Video production scrim RED steadicam grips at work
Grips providing a little diffusion as shoppers go walking
Goshen Courthouse video production shoot
Production setup outside Goshen Courthouse
Goshen Indiana video production shoot
Line producers Kipp Norman and Executive Producer Kyle Bainter on location
Overdun video shoot RED camera on Steadicam
Sebastian working the RED on Steadicam
Overdun Productions behind the scenes Director Kyle Bainter
Alternate view from the talent side of camera
Overdun Productions - Line Producer Kipp with child talent
Director Kipp and Eric hi-5 – the crew was great with child & adult talent
Video shoot outdoor light modifying setup
Who says I take too much gear to a photo shoot? All modifiers on the sunny October daylight.
Outdoor video production RED dolly setup
Dolly shot setup of the Tommies
Child talent and RED camera video shoot
Tommy checking playback before shouting “in your places everyone!”
Commercial viedo shoot adult and child talents
Dad and son taking the winning shot
Video production father and son watch playback
Father and son watching playback

So what’s all this setup turn into? You may have seen some of Overdun Production’s work in the Michiana area already, here’s a clip below that’s been on air.


Check out more of Kyle at Overdun Productions’ work at

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