Previously Unpublished – Pacific Coast Corvette 2007

Yellow Corvette Conertible along Pacific Coast Highway

Image © copyright Eric Bucholtz 2007, all rights reserved.

Conversations about how to take and make great photos have come up all this week and every time one of my photos is referenced it seems my best explanations for the images taken is simply dumb luck. Having a camera nearby and ready is a large part of the formula, but serendipity when holding the camera up to my eye has been responsible for supplying great subjects, sunset lighting, or reflections.

Dumb luck / preparation / serendipity struck again when I pulled off the Pacific Coast Highway to shoot some of the shoreline. I turned toward the land and perched to wait for a passing car to add interest to the foreground, and saw a yellow dot in the distance. I lucked out when a sharp yellow Chevy Corvette convertible came zooming by.

Today’s free lesson – keep a camera handy, and be ready. You never know when a sharp subject will line itself up for you.

Nikon D200, 24mm f/2.8 lens at 1/160 sec f/6.3 ISO 100

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