Choreographed Wedding Party Dance Medley, Anyone?

Holy smokes, what a celebration with Melissa and Jim earlier Saturday night! If you haven’t seen youtube videos of the bridal party thriller dance, JK wedding entrance (or The Office reenacting it) just STOP right now.

They all just got served.

Melissa, Jim, and their bridal party just stepped it up a notch in the choreographed bridal party group dance department tonight. The newlyweds and the bride’s brother not only choreographed the dance moves for a crazy good dance routine… they mixed the dance tracks too. Snap! Clips from Ice Ice Baby, Hammer Time, The Hustle, N*Sync, Michael Jackson – especially Thriller – New Kids on the Block, Justin Timberlake and more than I can even remember right now… all sliced, diced, and remixed into a huge hit on the dance floor.

Enjoy a couple of favorites from the bridal party dance – tons more from the wedding day coming soon! (And a link as soon as someone’s got a video is online!)

wedding party choreographed group dance medley

wedding party choreographed group dance medley

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Congrats newlyweds! You and your dance crew, er, bridal party tore it up!

UPDATE! See the video here!

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