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The holidays are simply magical. Friends gather, family comes to town, all bringing smiles and fond remembrances of yesteryear.

Christmastime and winter break was a pretty fantastic time of year when I was a kid. It had all the sparkle and wonder of a cheery Hallmark movie dipped in school glue and rolled in every canister of glitter within reach at the craft table. I recall all the sleeping in, visiting friends, and playing in the snow our parents could manage to find to keep us busy.

Gears shifted when my sisters and I began to graduate high school, when we moved out, and when we all realized we grew up a bit. We staged a portrait shoot together the Christmas after my senior year, the prints a surprise for our parents before life got going any more quickly than it already had. This is not that story.

Meet these siblings instead – Katie, Rachel, Izzy, and Amanda -four sisters who, perhaps inspired by the above excerpt from my unpublished memoir, tried the same trend, but with more creative ideas.

Sibling Christmas Portraits Four Sisters

In December 2010* I was privileged to help them create a set of Christmas portrait gifts that not only documented their reunion but also recreated some fine childhood trauma, um,  glee. (*To keep it a surprise, no images were going to be posted before the gift was revealed Christmas morning. Suddenly it’s December 2015. I mentioned the time flying thing already, right?)

Siblings reunite from across the country and remember the joy of childhood Christmas cheer.

Sibling Christmas Portraits sisters together again

How siblings really act for portraits

Ah, the smiles when recalling days growing up with 4 sisters sharing the same bathroom, fighting for the mirror, and sharing style tips.

Christmas portraits siblings fight over mirror

The two older siblings exercise their birthrights to the two Super Nintendo controllers. Certain mutiny awaits.

Christmas portraits siblings fight over toys

Constructive criticism over how to decorate the Christmas tree. Artistic interpretation may vary.

Sibling Christmas Portraits arguing over decorations

And finally, a return to the classic smiling Christmas cheer fit for any family greeting card.

Sibling Christmas Portraits Reunited sisters

Happiest of Holidays to each of you ladies and your family! Thanks again for the laughs on location while recreating your brightest Christmas memories.

Why not take a page from the sisters and drop me a line here to get those fond memories from years gone by recreated into images and prints you’ll enjoy for years to come (as you wonder how you ever all got along).


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