First day of summer vacation 

The first days of Summer Vacation finally arrived for my Rarely Stationary Club. School is out, temperatures are up, and it’s time for outdoor adventures.

Last year I picked up my collection of film cameras and began shooting a mix of expired color film and mostly-fresh black and white film in both 35mm and 120 medium format. This year, after 11 years away from the darkroom and 1-hour minilab where I had once processed my photography, I returned to developing film. The oldest roll of 35mm (so far) had images from late 2009, the color rolls are certain to date back even farther.

If you’ve had a peek at my Instagram feed you’ve seen posts and stories about these endeavors in developing, the usual puns, and a snap of my newest lab assistant, Addie, pictured below. She helped me time & rinse a roll of Tmax 400 film because if there’s one photographic term my kids have all mastered, it is, of course, agitation. She used her powers for good to help rinse and soak the film in Photo-Flo before drying.

What adventures are you looking forward to this summer?

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