Dad and Daughter Multiple Exposure Black and White Film Portraits

Holga Multiple Exposures 2015 flowers

Dad and Daughter multiple exposure film photography by Dad (me) and Madeline, 2015/2016.

These snapshots came out on the same roll processed last week, snapshots of Maddie sandwiched together on a walk home from elementary school as we stopped to smell the flowers. Her snaps of me were from a World Photography Day marathon of knocking out film left in cameras, I have the iPhone photo of her with the Holga up to her eye as I heard her click the shutter over and over while on the swing set. In both images I was pleasantly surprised with our results.

In the theme of shooting for kicks and not rushing to upload, tag and post, it was serendipitous to find both images on the same roll to share them together. I was even more grateful that this roll and the fistful of Kodak BW400CN film had turned out after rolling around for years, crossing the States and possibly even the Atlantic.

#JustGoShoot – eB


Shot with a Holga 120 film camera on Kodak BW400CN color process film , developed at home with Unicolor C-41 chemistry.

More of my favorite Holga images here & an updated multiple exposure portrait of us from Holga Week 2019

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    1. Thanks Ben. Hand a child a camera that doesn’t automatically advance to the next frame or lock to prevent multiple exposures and you’ll be all set! Or, hand it to an adult who has become familiar with DSLRs and forget to wind film. There is fun for everyone!

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