September Fog – Holga Film Photography

Black and white film photograph Tree in Field of Fog Holga Sept 2017Some days the universe knows exactly what you need

and makes the world around you dreamlike and ripe with photo opportunities. Last September a heavy fog awaited me before sunrise and I packed a simple plastic film camera and tripod to take advantage of the sleepy, dim and hazy morning settings.

Aside from the look of a Holga’s plastic lens I also enjoy the certain creative limitation it brings to image making. I knew there was insufficient light for a “proper” exposure at its default shutter “setting” if we call it that (though when using a Holga one is rarely concerned with exactness and fine-tuned accuracy). I set it for a long exposure and held the shutter open a few seconds, guessing when to let go. The movement of the shutter lever press and a wobbly tripod arm setup (see bonus photos below) added to the blur and softness from the foggy field.

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Bonus Behind The Scenes post seen on Instagram back when I shot this. Shot and converted to black and white with whatever outdated iPhone & VSCO Cam app was with me. Note the comparative “sharpness” from a smartphone camera versus the lomo love of the Holga.

We all have those days when we forget one tiny adapter or detail. I had packed a camera, intending to photograph scenes in the fog. I threw my tripod bag in the trunk. I was prepared. This day it was the tripod’s quick release plate that I left on another camera, and thankfully I left a Magic Arm in the bag. It held this toy camera still enough for the long exposure snaps.

Holga on a magic arm on a tripod rig

Whatever camera type thing it is you have nearby today, #JustGoShoot

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