Toy Cameras – Winter Weather Snow Angels

Diana F+ and Holga 120S 120 film toy cameras

Toy cameras and snowy days

They go together like hot cocoa and marshmallows.

Winter finally arrived around the Great Lakes. Friends throughout the States shared photos of the first big snowstorm this week including a surprise white Christmas storm as far south as Atlanta, Georgia!  Who doesn’t love surprises around the winter holiday rush?

These bulky toy cameras are great stocking-stuffer ideas and super simple to use even when wearing gloves.

Let’s Get Dangerous

In the 10 years of snapping with a Holga it quickly became my go-to camera for shooting in snow, rain, heavy fog, even sand. It’s inexpensive so I don’t feel too bad if it gets a scuff, splashed or sand blasted at the beach. Any grit or moisture only adds character to its photos.

That big, knurled grip on the front of the “Optical Lens” makes adjusting the zone focus easy while wearing gloves, and the large shutter lever is a snap to use while keeping hands warm.

Holga 120S plastic toy camera

Holga 120S plastic toy camera

I added a Lomography Diana F+ to the growing toy camera collection this autumn. While I’m still adjusting to the Diana’s smaller focusing ring on the front of the standard 75mm lens, the Normal / Bulb and variable aperture setting levers are far easier to adjust while gloved. I don’t find much reason to change the aperture on the Holga, but changing between a standard and long shutter setting easily is a welcome option on the Diana. (It’s the small lever on the top of the lens in the photo below.)

On the Holga models with normal and bulb (manually held open shutter) options, it’s a sliding switch under the lens and requires a solid push to change from one to the other. This is helpful to avoid accidental bumps changing your settings but makes for more difficult adjustment with gloves.

Diana F+ 120 film toy camera

Diana F+ toy camera from Lomography

Both of these toy cameras have large film advance knobs for easy winding.

Diana F+ and Holga 120S plastic toy cameras in snow

Which one is your favorite in the Diana vs Holga toy camera match up?

Pick up a Diana F+ on eBay / Amazon  or a Holga eBay / Amazon

Here are some of my favorite Holga snaps from earlier posts. Enjoy!

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