The Oak in the Fog

Oak in the Fog Winter 2018
Oak tree on a foggy winter night

Thing is, I can’t help but stand still next to these branches. Fog rolling by. Snowstorm one day and spring the next. Subzero winds a few days later.

Pieces break off, foliage is shed, the oak continues to grow.

I ran around this trunk as a child, through its leaves, I learned to ride a bike down the sidewalk from it. I learned to drive a car a few blocks away. I passed it without much thought until this foggy night.

One day the fence was just suddenly there. Government property. Growth progressed uninterrupted. Life went on indifferent to the man-made chain-link barrier.

And so I, and you, should be in this new year. Unhindered by obstacles, unfazed by barricades placed around us. Continue in your personal growth, stretch onward toward your goals.

Prints of this image available here

Tech specs: Bronica ETRS, Bronica 50mm f/2.8 lens, 80 second exposure (10 overlapping 8 second exposures) at f/11, Ilford FP4 ISO 100 film.

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