The Shadow Proves the Sunshine

Kitchen Window Bouquet in Late Afternoon

2017 gave more than enough reasons not to wish away a moment of my life. To be in the moment amidst a very structured school year schedule, while not being on complete autopilot. Find the smiles, soak up the hugs and tender moments, and look for the good in trying hours.

Here’s a photo from last summer that reminds me of these: while standing in the kitchen to wash dishes, make a meal, hide for a few minutes of quiet to myself, clean up snacks, feed pets, or altogether forget what I was doing, the sun began its descent to set behind the trees and rooftops down the street. Dishwater splashed windows awash in sunlight beaming onto a bouquet. Flowers my daughter noticed I liked to buy my special someone on a whim, not just on birthdays or with gifts. Earlier that week while running errands my little girl asked me if we could pick up more flowers for a surprise.

A moment on an otherwise routine summer weekday reminded that my children have seen acts of kindness and in turn, wanted to share kindness.

Share kindness. Inspire the same.


Tech specs: Summer 2017, Bronica ETRS 6×4.5, 75mm f/2.8 MC lens, Portra 160 film

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