Expired Winter Colors

Here’s some color for your winter blues. Bare winter branches dowsed in hues from defects in an antique 35mm film camera. Light leaks, expired drugstore color film and home development chemistry combine in a trifecta of shades not found on the cold December day. An otherwise dud spiced up with the surprise strangeness found when shooting old, off-brand film in a questionable camera and learning to develop film in the kitchen sink.

Let happy accidents bring you creative inspirations today. If it’s not flying, let it be falling with style.


Prints of this vivid dud available here

Tech specs: expired 35mm film (off-brand drugstore variety) in a Mamiya / Sekor 500 DTL mechanical camera, exposure unrecorded. Developed at home in Ultrafine Unicolor C-41 Powder Developer Kit.

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