Instant Film Negative of Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves on expired instant pack film bleached negative

It’s been 6 summers I’ve pulled instant film through an old Polaroid Automatic 100 camera, counted my best guess on exposure based on environment temperature, and waited to peel apart those magical prints.

I fell in love with the simplicity of the camera and immediacy of the process. This strange collapsible camera and its large instant printed photos arrived amidst a summer of upheaval, transition, and growing pains. I picked up my 35mm cameras and my Holga and snapped images of this stage that I wanted to remember but that I did not want to immediately revisit, review, edit, upload, and stalk a screen to await feedback. I wanted to create amidst this stressful, uncertain stretch I knew I was in, and preserve the moments to see again when the tension had passed.

Instant photography brought enjoyment I could share in person, prints I could give away, and a good dose of anticipation waiting for each to develop.

As seen on my Instagram feed. 

Autumn 2017 leaves on expired Fuji Fp100C instant film. Polaroid Automatic 100 1960s camera. Negative bleached and scanned May 2018. 

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