Test Shot – River’s Edge 4×5 Negative

My least favorite frame from an afternoon turned to a memorable moment showing a curious family what on earth I was taking a photo of at the park.

After hearing many parents spend the sunny afternoon shouting at their kids to listen, “I said stop that!”, make demands, offer bribes, “stop that!” again… it was refreshing to see meet a dad and kids having fun together without any of that.

From talking with grown ups looking over a mid-1900s camera, to kids amused at seeing the world upside down on the viewing screen, it made for a great break in shooting in the park. I commended him for having such polite kids genuinely interested in others.

From a technical standpoint it was a landmark in loading sheet film after 15 years away. (Light leaks and fingerprint smudges notwithstanding.) An afternoon of motivation to go out and shoot. Solving miscalculations only realized in the middle of timed developing. And lastly a dose of dumb luck once the sheet film was developed and I discovered it was a different speed film than I had metered and developed for.

#JustGoShoot – you never know what surprises await!

Tech specs:

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