Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2019

Here are the results of some Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day experiments. It’s a new “holiday” to me but was a great prompt to finally put some paper in a popcorn tin I had prepped for making pinhole images.
DIY Popcorn Tin Pinhole Camera photography
Low angle pinhole image created with a popcorn tin and black and white photo paper
Join the Dark Side We Have DIY Photo Projects
Join the Dark Side, we have DIY photo projects! – Popcorn tin pinhole image by Adrian, 11.
Outdoor DIY pinhole yard close up photography

Tiny flowers in the April sun – DIY pinhole close up photography

Experimental photography is a bit nerve wracking as it is freeing. After each image was done I got back in the darkroom and safelights, removed the paper & made a note on the back before reloading the tin with fresh, unexposed paper. I didn’t get back to develop the paper until the next evening and the exposures seemed to be just fine through the transition & storage.

The guesswork & suspense of pinhole photography add something a live screen & instant review sorely miss. My method is a slow process to load a frame at a time or develop & test one at a time, but worthwhile in the surprise when the image appears in the developer.

Stretch your creativity a bit & give a new process or technique a try!

Tech details – images made on Arista RC glossy paper, guesstimated exposures around 5 minutes each.

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