Summer Heat Relief

Saint Joseph Michigan Silver Beach splash pad fountain

A spontaneous trip to the Lake Michigan beach town found time to catch the last minutes of the Krasl Art Fair and soak up the Silver Beach splash pad spray. I sat down just outside the splash zone and the kids ran wild on the weekend evening. Seconds later the splash pad jets all stopped and the kids familiar with this moment’s signal squealed in delight as they ran to the center of the giant concrete circle. And then this happened. Glorious raining relief from the humid summer day blasted from all around the play area. And there was much rejoicing. (And many more squeals.)

Prints available here


Tech specs:

Camera: Yashica-Mat twin lens reflex

Film: Kodak BW400CN 120 roll film – color process black & white film, expired 2010

Developed: home developed in Film Photography Project Unicolor C41 kit

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