Holga Week 2019 – Sea of Forgetfulness

Imperfections and surprises are what drew me back into film photography and to a Holga camera specifically.

How did this happen? I had loaded the camera and either forgot to set the frame counter for “square” 6x6cm images (the camera is notoriously inaccurate) and somehow had it set for 6×4.5cm rectangular(ish) frames, but kept shooting like I was set for squares.  I’m not at all disappointed with the mixup!

Holga 6x6 Toy Camera 4 exposure panaorama
Sea of Forgetfulness – Holga 120 Film Camera Panorama

The panorama image formed with these 4 accidental overlapping frames are the sum of using an unpredictable Holga toy camera and experimenting with expired film – happy accidents. These overcast sunset images were snapped somewhere along Lake Michigan on a southwest Michigan beach.

Click the image to see a larger version of this series.

More of my favorite Holga images here

Tech Specs

Camera – Holga 120S 

Film – Ilford Delta 3200, expired 2009, exposed at EI 400, processed 7:30 minutes in Kodak HC-110 dilution B 1:31 at 68º

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