Holga Week – Guardrails


“The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.”

– Proverbs 27:12

Guardrails - black and white Holga photography
Guardrails – Holga toy camera long exposure shot on expired black and white film.

It was an overcast day with intermittent rain on my drive. I sat the camera on the dashboard, set the exposure mode to bulb, held the shutter down while driving and was very happy with the guesstimated zone focus and exposure result!

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Tech Specs

Camera – Holga 120N

Film – Ilford Delta 3200, expired 2009, exposed at EI 400, processed 7:30 minutes in Kodak HC-110┬ádilution B 1:31 at 68┬║

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