Holga Week – Dad and Daughter

This isn’t my first set of multiple exposure Holga portraits with my daughter, just our newest. I asked if she would like to help me finish off film for Holga Week while I tested a roll of color film in another camera.  She started firing away with the plastic toy camera at our bike ride stop. After a handful of shutter clicks I asked if she wanted to make film winding clicking noises too; this camera has all kinds of great noises! We grabbed a selfie together before the roll was done and we’re both pleasantly surprised with her results on these 2 frames.

Holga Dad and Daughter Multiple Exposure
Maddie’s multiple exposure selfie portrait of us

Maddie enjoys being involved and film photography gives us both many opportunities for hands-on learning. She helps pour the pre-soak water as I prepare to develop film and loves to guess what color will pour out from various types of film. (Purple and pink are her favorite!) She helps count down with our timers for film developing tank agitations and is learning the steps to make those camera snaps into visible, developed negatives.

There’s a great joy in seeing our shared snapshot shooting moments bring an “I can do this too!” smile of accomplishment and learning Dad’s hobby. Makes my Dad heart happy and I’m so very proud of my little girl.

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Tech Specs

Camera – Holga 120N

Film – Ilford Delta 3200, expired 2009, exposed at EI 400, processed 7:30 minutes in Kodak HC-110 dilution B 1:31 at 68º

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