Holga Week – Houseplant Dreams

Do houseplants dream? This potted plant juxtaposed with an overlapping exposure of shrubs and grass suggests it’s possible. So close to paradise, yet so far away.

Holga black and white dappled sun houseplant multiple exposureHouseplant – Holga Week

The more I look at the images on this roll I hurried through for Holga Week snapshots the more I find that

    1. I still have trouble remembering which way to set the frame counter arrow
    2. the images I imagined coming from the Holga were there, but when they blended with adjacent frames I discovered several made great diptychs or very solid single blended images.
    3. I have much to learn of serendipity from this simple contraption

Happy snapping!  More of my favorite Holga images here

More about Holga Week here

Tech Specs

Camera – Holga 120N

Film – Ilford Delta 3200, expired 2009, exposed at EI 400, processed 7:30 minutes in Kodak HC-110 dilution B 1:31 at 68º

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