Light Leak Pet Portraits on Black and White Film

Film photography can have many surprise discoveries. If the suspense of waiting to see the images you shot developed and printed wasn’t enough, there are often many unexpected results when shooting odd cameras and developing film at home. The last batch of black and white negatives I posted were overlapping frames made in a toy camera. Today’s surprises were secret messages from light leaks in a different, more complex camera.

The 6×4.5 (six-four-five) images on this roll of Kodak Tri-X black and white film looked good when I hung them up to dry, and I didn’t notice anything strange until l scanned them a few days later. A light leak in one of my Bronica ETRS film magazines burned in the roll film’s backing paper wording and frame numbers.

The pupper held still long enough for me to snap two sequential sharp frames. I was surprised by the secret message but I’m content with the results! Who knows what surprises await you today?

Pet Portrait on Tri-X black and white film -
Pet Portrait on Tri-X black and white film, light leak showing the film’s backing paper words burned in
Pet portrait wirehair dachshund
Pet Portrait on Tri-X black and white film, light leak in Bronica 120 film magazine


Tech Specs

Camera: Bronica ETRS 6×4.5

Film – Kodak Tri-X 400, home developed 7:30 in Kodak HC-110┬ádilution B 1:31 at 68┬║

Scanned: Epson V600 flatbed scanner, Lightroom to crop


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