Fall Color Light Leaks

A surprise find in a camera auction – a roll of film still in the camera!  Even after a solid 3 years of shooting more and more film photography I was so delighted to try out a new camera format and opened the camera’s back without even a second thought. Luckily the roll was still at the starting position and I quickly shut the camera back. I’m not sure if my peek did all this light leak art or if the camera had been opened in previous moments of absent-minded excitement, but I shot it without reservation.

The one compensation I made while shooting was to add an extra stop of exposure for the unknown film age. I developed it at home and left it in development step for an extra 1:15 to compensate for expiring C-41 color negative developer. All in all this roll was a lot of guesswork and testing out a camera model that goes back to the late 1950s.  The results were even more surprising than a free roll of film hiding in the camera. These are my favorite shots I’ve scanned, enjoy!

Autumn colors and light leak colors. Expired Portra 400VC.
Autumn colors and light leak colors on expired Portra 400VC film.
Sandstone and downspout. Practicing that waist level finder focusing screen movement.
Downspout. Practicing waist level finder focusing movement.
Harvested field and moody gray autumn clouds
Harvested field and moody gray autumn clouds – Yashica Mat TLR
Handheld twin lens reflex camera long exposure at dusk
Handheld long exposure at dusk with the Yashica Mat TLR


Tech Specs

Camera: Yashica Mat twin lens reflex

Film: Kodak Portra 400VC, unknown expiration date & storage.

Developer: Unicolor C41 kit, 102º F, 4:45 minutes (lost track of how many rolls I’ve run through this batch of chemistry!)

Scanned: Epson V600 flatbed scanner, Lightroom to crop


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